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Retail is in the midst of a revolution. Colliers retail advisors are committed to protecting your investments and the brand throughout every phase of the real estate process. Our team reflects experience across the real estate spectrum to meet your needs, whether that includes an international rollout, re-developing or repositioning in a transitioning downtown area, or attracting top retailers to your property.

From delivering insights on how to navigate the fluctuating market to identifying the latest trends in retail design, to monitoring consumer shopping behavior and making recommendations on financing, our advisors partner with you to define, implement and execute your retail strategy utilizing innovative solutions

Our Approach

Why Us

With experience across the retail spectrum our retail advisors are here to meet your needs, whether that includes an international rollout, attracting top retailers to your property, or redevelopment or repositioning of your brand. We use innovative solutions to help define, implement and execute your retail strategy

Our Values

Besides our core values as transparency, quality, time efficiency and commitment we strongly believe in communication and detailed understanding of client´s needs

Our Passion

Retail runs through our veins. We closely monitor all the changes in the retail evolution from new concepts, brands to retail experience. Our passion leis in our success to make a statement and contribution on the Slovak


We know that every client is unique and so are their needs. This is a prime consideration, so we seek to fully understand your requirements and priorities and provide solutions which are tailored to fit them

Scope of Services

Colliers’ Retail team offers unrivalled reach and experience to serve a diverse group of retailers, retail property owners and developers. Retail is highly linked to changing trends in fashion, concept, product, physical and virtual destination, and with a growth in e-commerce activity, the whole concept of retail and how and where to shop is undergoing a transformation.

Landlord Representation

We can help you unlock your real estate’s potential by developing a deep understanding of your unique space and delivering expertise on the market and the marketing techniques that will showcase your property’s best qualities. Our experts will position your asset in a way that attracts and secures the right tenants for you, from Identifying the property’s competitive advantages and opportunities for improvement, creating a specific go-to-market strategy tailored to your business needs, applying best-in-class tools to segmented targets and generate strong interest and feedback from prospects and run a thoughtfully negotiated leases

Brand Representation

Leasing the right space in the right location can elevate your brand, streamline your operations, attract leading talent and make a meaningful impact on your bottom line. A lease also represents a significant commitment of time and financial resources. We partner with you to ensure your lease is not just a line item — it’s a competitive advantage. We do this by bringing together our specialized market knowledge with a deep understanding of your business strategy to achieve your goals

Francize Advisory

We can match and introduce experienced local retailers to brands that are seeking to enter the Slovak market through a partner. We ensure a collaborative approach, offering research studies and retail market analyses to support decision making. We can secure partnerships with desirable brands, helping to secure the right store location and build your store - and your new business

Investment advisory

We work with prospective investors when investing on a project containing a retail space. We provide with Situation on the retail market, Rentability of the retail units, Brand's assessments and the commercial conditions for the retail units & ERV


What does Colliers’ Retail Agency include?
The Slovak Retail Agency team offers a full range of services for investors, owners and tenants operating in the retail and leisure sector. We ensure a consistent service for our clients, helping them to making the right decisions, acquisitions and investments that meet their business needs, as well as assisting with growth plans and sustainability
I want to enter the Slovak Market. What to do?
We help new up and coming brands to find the most efficient ‘route to market’. We will advise you on store locations and the development strategy to reach your target customers at terms that set the stage for your future success.
What is the best location for my business?
We have experience delivering spaces ranging from ten to multiple thousand square meters, so no space is too big or too small for us.
What are all the costs you should consider from signing the contract to opening the store?
Our Design and Build colleagues can give you an estimate for a tailor-made turnkey solution to design and fit-out your space. With our in-house experts we can help you to create a unique and memorable flagship for your brand.
What types of retailers you work with?
We represent brands across the entire retail spectrum. from beauty, sport and outerwear, home and design, lifestyle, food and beverage, mass market leisure, fashion and accessories, from fast fashion to contemporary and luxury brands.