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Our Tenant Representation team consists of experts in the field of commercial real estate with long track history, knowledge and experience who offer their consultancy and advisory services to help companies to find new premises or renegotiate better terms and conditions on existing premises.

We help our clients in following tasks:

New leases for companies newly coming to the Slovak market

84 clients

Savings of millions
EUR negotiated

Transactions of
285,000 sqm negotiated

Tenant Representation Process

Initial understanding of the client’s situation
Market research and creation of a long list of options
Site inspections, short list
Negotiation with prospective landlords
Presentation of all options and the financial analysis to the client
Client’s decision to stay/relocate
Final negotiation with the landlord
Execution of the lease documentation for the final option

Office Agency

Why Colliers Landlord representation

We are ready to be your trusted partner and grasp the real estate strategy correctly by understanding the client's business needs and transform them into reality.

We believe that we create maximum added value for the client.

  • We have an experienced and stable team
  • Compared to our competition, we have currently a lower number of exclusive mandates in landlord representation, and thus we have the capacity and desire to fully dedicate ourselves to the contract
  • We are not waiting passively for the introduction of third parties, but we actively contact companies, when their rental period is near to the end in the relevant location
  • Within Colliers, we have follow-up services such as Work Place Consultancy, Building Consultancy and Design & Build, which we consider to be a strategic advantage. We can operatively address needs of the building for efficient rental in terms of technical and technological requirements, ergonomics and design, but we are also attractive for tenants who are more likely to choose the buildings offered by Colliers, with the certainty that we effectively procure the entire process from A to Z

Landlord representation services

Marketing knowledge

  • Market reports
  • Data extracts and comparisons
  • Active search for potential tenants using market data and B2B tools


  • Banners, promotion to agents
  • and Colliers web
  • Providing other specific marketing strategy suggestions


  • Regular meetings with the Landlord to discuss:
  • New potential tenants
  • Outcomes of marketing activities
  • Best strategies


  • Viewings
  • Preparation of the Heads of Terms
  • Dealing with 3rd party introductions
  • Assisting in further process such us co-ordinating with technical departments


  • Assistance with negotiation of the Heads of Terms and the Leasing Agreement to ensure a deal, bearing in mind the interests of the Landlord

Additional services

  • Space planning and workplace consultancy by our inhouse teams
  • Design & Build services by our inhouse team
  • Property Management by our inhouse team

Our marketing approach

Our approach and cooperation are simple, we listen to clients, understand their needs and reflect on them by implementing all the necessary tools and utilizing our market knowledge and experience.
The goal is to rent the property in the shortest time, for the best conditions and with solid tenants. To follow is a summary overview of the main activities:

  • Active search of potential tenants via specific tools such as and an internal Colliers tenant‘s database or specific B2B tools
  • is a highly effective Colliers tool helping us identify potential requirements in the market. It generates up to 40 requirements a month
  • Active targeted marketing of the project to potential tenants whether they are newcomers to the market or companies relocating within the market. Cold calling, mailing and personal presentations to the potential clients are part of this strategy
  • Contact with all active agents on the market (international real-estate agencies as well as local advisors and agents) – distribution of electronic leaflets with introduction of the project, news and updates about the property´s vacancy and offers
  • Organization of breakfasts for agents or other events to promote and keep awareness alive
  • Placement of banners with our contact and logo on the façade of the building
  • Website update or assistance with the design of a website
  • Assistance with a design of printed materials, brochures and leaflets if needed

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